fighter, dreamer, rebel, thief

25 Nov


This is Nathan here.  Eva didn’t feel inspired this evening – to write a blog post or to write my story – so here I am.  I’m sitting in my tiny room that the Nonexistents are letting me use, typing away on one of their laptops.  Aaron brought it to me a little while ago and said I should probably learn how to use it, since the government uses computers so knowing how to use one myself will help my revolution (which I’ll be talking about later).  Eva came over just a few minutes ago and logged me in to her wordpress account (why she trusts me with it, I have no idea – she really shouldn’t) and showed me how to write a blog post.  She said it would be a favor from me to her if I’d write about my life so far, or something like that, but I’m going to use this post to talk about my revolution (although I’ll give you a bit of my background, since that’s important too).

I can already tell it’s going to take a long time to write this, just because I have to use my left hand alone to write everything down.  My collar bone’s broken on the right side – by a Warrior Woman – and if I move my right side at all, it hurts like anything (I’d use a more descriptive word than that, but Eva said if I do anything like that, she’ll delete this post and not let me write any more.  And since I have a feeling they’ll be useful to stir up revolutionary spirit…).  So, anyway, enough about where I am and all that, and on to the revolution.  The purpose behind my revolution is to bring down the corrupt government and, more specifically, the queen.  See, the queen is Lily, a girl I thought was my friend, but then she betrayed me.  So I want revenge on her.  I want to see her shamed and brought into the dust and killed.  She doesn’t deserve to live after what she did to me.

I have another reason for the revolution.  I want to rescue the children that are in the facilities – the ones that are in the special wards that I still don’t know the reason for.  Once I infiltrate the facilities, I’ll figure it out.  I discovered the wards on my thirteenth birthday, but then through some diabolical trick on the part of the facility leaders I was never able to find them again.  For a while after I lost Hunter, and found Lily, and then lost Ethan, I wasn’t really thinking of that part of my quest, but now I am.  I don’t have anything else to do with my life besides revolution, so I might as well do that.  And I want to get away from the Nonexistents as quickly as possible.  Aaron is great, even though he has an attitude where Cara (the girl he’s engaged to) is concerned, but the rest of them get on my nerves.  Especially Benjamin with his constant talking about all sorts of things I’m not interested in at all.

Eva says that since she lives in the past, and the post will go up in the past, even though I’m in the present (it’s really complicated – I don’t even understand it myself), so I can share my battle plan with all of you.  Our government won’t know about it, and I’m sure all of you would be interested.  So, what I plan to do once my collar bone heals – which Eva says will take about four months (unbearable, but I can make my story go in a whole new direction for revenge.  She hates that, but she doesn’t really know all that happens to me, so I can change everything just like that) – I’ll leave the Nonexistents.  I might take Aaron with me, but I doubt Benjamin will allow it, so I’m going on the assumption that he’s not coming.  It doesn’t really changes things either way.  After I leave them, I’m going to infiltrate one of the North American facilities (pretty much any one, besides the one I grew up in) as a trainer.

I’ll train my set of boys in Defensive Arts and then we’ll all escape, taking as many children as we can.  Then, the babies/children will be given to the Nonexistents – I’m sure they won’t mind – and I’ll keep training my boys.  We’ll make raids on other facilities, rescue children, build up our forces, and then when we have an army, we’ll march on the Capitol.  And this all has to be done in fourteen months (after I heal up) because in eighteen months, the world leaders will all be meeting in the Capitol, so we can get them all in one shot.  They’ll have Warrior Women, of course, but I’m sure we can pull it off.  Surprise will be one of our biggest weapons and you can be sure I’ll use it to my advantage.  I don’t have any illusions, though. It could end in disaster, which is why I’m not going to get close to anyone.  I’ve already lost Hunter and Ethan because I cared too much, so I’m not going to care anymore.

It’ll be much better that way, I’m sure.  I mind my own business, the boys mind their business and no one gets hurt if/when things happen.  Of course, I can’t stop them from making friendships, but I can stop myself.  Well, it’s supper over here and I’m pretty hungry, so I going to sign off now.  Here comes Eva to put this post in different categories and publish it and share on some facebook writing group that she’s obsessed with.  That’s good.  I want to get the message out to as many people as possible.  So, if you want to join in my revolution, you’re a guy, and you can come forward in time, feel free to join us.  We need as many people for the cause as possible.

Nathan Bordage


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