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10 Dec

20 Inspiring Quotes To Help You Finish Writing Your Book

I Will Repay has been coming along amazingly.  I’ve got about 85K so far, and I think I’m sure I’ll reach my word count goal of 100K, and maybe even go a little farther.  New inspiration and ideas are coming to me almost faster than I can write them down, and Nathan’s whole character is being fleshed out and improved all the time.  I’ve discovered new things about him that really bring out the heart of the story, so I’m really happy about that.  I could go on and on about how amazing the story is and how it’s basically taken over my life, but I’m hear to take about my writing goals for the future, so I won’t.  I’ll save that for another post.  Anyway, here are a few writing goals that I’ll be working on over the next year.

  • Publish I Will Repay – There’s a bit of a story behind this goal.  I was planning on publishing all three books in the trilogy through Createspace, but I’d thought I would write all three books first, edit in a leisurely fashion (especially as I hate editing), and then publish.  However, they’re doing an offer of two free books if you publish before June 2014 (because of NaNo), and I’ve decided to try for it.  After all, I’m almost done the book, I have amazing beta-readers lined up, and I feel that this is right thing to do.  If I got ready for NaNo in just one day, surely I can have I Will Repay edited in several months.  I think the hardest thing will not be the editing, but the formatting.  I’ll have to take that challenge when it comes up, but I’m not looking forward to it.  I’m actually not completely sure about publishing so quickly, but I’m definitely looking into it.  To be honest, the idea freaks me out a little, but since I’ve made it my goal to live more ‘in the moment’, I think I’m up for the challenge.
  • Write while editing – This will only be one of my goals if I decide to publish I Will Repay.  If I do, I don’t want to stall on writing the next two books, especially since I’m so excited about the whole project at the moment.  If I don’t publish for the time being, I’ll just keep writing and not stop to edit, until I’m completely done.
  • Do Camp NaNo – Both of them, if possible.  I fell in love with NaNo after completing it just last month, and I can’t wait for the camps to come up.  I’ll probably set my word goal at 50K again, just because I like a challenge like that.  There’s also other writing challenges not related to NaNo that I’ll be participating in, if at all possible.

Those are my major writing goals.  I have a lot more little ones, but it would take too long to list them all here.  What are some of your writing goals?


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One response to “future writing goals

  1. missjanebennet

    December 10, 2013 at 2:23 am

    Those sound like really good goals! I know you can do it, and I’ll look forward to reading your published (!!!) book in June 2014. 🙂
    Some of mine…to finish To Kill A King before the end of January, and to get it edited (and mayyyyybe published…? ;)) before summer’s over. I probably won’t be able to get it completely done by the time summer’s over because of work, &c., but I’ll try. I’m not sure about Camp NaNo, but I would like to get started on the second book of the trilogy over the summer as well, maybe through the Camp.
    Have a good evening! =)


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