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the betrayal series


Here’s the promised post on my newest writing project – the Betrayal Series.  Actually, I’m not sure what to put into this post, because I’m still gathering inspiration and I haven’t even got a solid plot yet and things are changing all the time…and on and on it goes.  But several people on Pinterest/friends have expressed interest in learning more about this project, hence this post.  Forgive me if it’s random and disjointed, but I’m still sick, so it’s hard to get my thoughts across properly.  Anyway, I’d better start with how this whole thing started – how I got the idea in the first place, that is (I always like including that information, because so few of my many ideas actually turn into something full-blown like this).

It started with a dream.  Now, I don’t take dreams to mean anything (at best they make for entertaining table talk the next morning) but they are surprisingly good writing inspiration sources.  Two of the three big projects I’ve worked on have been inspired by dreams.  In a nutshell, my dream was (this’ll give a basis for the plot so far) that I was sent by the government to infiltrate a Christian family (sort of an almost-dystopian situation), but I ended up becoming really attached to the family and falling in love with their oldest son (figures).  I was discovered right before the raid happened, the family/church dragged me along with them to their hiding place so that I wouldn’t betray anyone else.  There was complete emotional devastation all around…The End.  And then I woke up and I was kind of depressed for the rest of the morning (I think having such a vivid dream was partly because I was sleeping over at my aunt’s house, so it was an unfamiliar environment).

Then I got to thinking that, “Hey!  This would actually make a good book!” so I started filling in the plot cracks.  I didn’t want there to be any sequels, because I’m doing a trilogy right now and I just wanted to do a stand-alone next, but then sequel ideas started coming in, so what could I do?  That’s right.  Nothing.  And since I’ve been reading The Book Thief lately….It’s just a small story really, about, among other things:

  • A girl
  • Some friends
  • An artist
  • Some fanatical secret agents
  • A train-station
  • And quite a lot of betrayal



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DOOM awaits us…

photo taken from here.

So, I do have a post in the works talking all about my new writing project (well, I’m not exactly writing it right now – just gathering inspiration and such) but it’s not ready yet, and this event is coming up pretty soon, so I thought I’d write a quick post about DOOM (Definitely O-normous O-uthor Months) ’cause I’m pretty excited for it.  Now, in all honesty, I’m just joining it because I think it would be fun – I didn’t actually have any problem writing 50K in one month during NaNo – but it’s open to everyone, so I thought I’d give it a go (and I hope it turns into an annual thing).

DOOM is a writing event that spans two months (March and April – I’ll miss the first month of Camp NaNoWriMo, but I’ll definitely be catching the one in July), as the photo above shows.  It’s an alternative for NaNoers (and writers who don’t do NaNo due to time concerns) who want to go at a slower pace, yet still have the challenge of writing every day (or do a huge writing session at the end of the week to get caught up).  There are basically no rules, as the girl who started this whole thing knows all about NaNo rebels.  I’m probably going to go the more traditional, ‘safe’ route and keep working on the VIM trilogy, but I might be putting it aside to work on the project I mentioned earlier (more info on that coming soon – I promise).

We DOOMers (hehe…I love the acronym.  It’s so dramatic) all hang out at the official DOOM facebook group.  Come and join us!


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