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a peek into my writing inspiration notebook

I have several notebooks (somewhere around thirty), but there’s only one I consistently use.  A small, black, moleskine pad that fits perfectly into my small purse.  I carry it around with me whenever I go out (at home I can scribble anything down at any time, and inspiration rarely strikes there, except when I’m about to fall asleep) because I’ve learned that if I don’t, I’ll get a bunch of semi-brilliant story ideas and nowhere to put them.  It actually happened to me just a couple of days ago (I haven’t learned my lesson yet, I guess).  I’d just read about a library story contest (which I ended up entering – when the results come in, I’ll post it on here, whether or not I win) and then I went out to the mall.  Well, my brain started giving me all sorts of interesting ideas, and since I’d left my notebook at home, not expecting to need it, my sister ended up buying me a pad and pencil at the dollar store.  So now I’m very careful about taking it everywhere.

I thought I’d share some snippets from said notebook.  Some of them might be familair to you (that is, you’ll know what stories they’re from), some are undeveloped story ideas (never throw away a seed for a story – Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote the Anne books from a simple story idea – ‘a couple sends away to an orphanage for a boy.  A girl is brought instead’), some are names, and some are random quotes and bits of conversation I’ve overheard or gotten from books, movies, and songs.  Honestly, I sometimes flip through this notebook and wonder where some of the things in it came from.  Anyway, here they are, reproduced as exactly as I can make them.

Cathwra <—– name of celtic princess!!!!! sister’s name will be Eithne

“I looked in disbelief at the woman in front of me.  She was beautiful, in an almost painful way.  The night was chill cold and she wore a blue velvet cloak dripping with diamonds.  Then she turned and”

3 book trilogy?  Series name: Quest FF [the FF meant ‘for freedom’]  First book name: Rising Up  Second book name: Raging On Reaping  Third book name: Ruling

Have a character in one of my books add ‘what?’ to the end of every other sentence.

Tristan Pink.  Samish Saridan.

“You’re here, now I don’t have to die alone.”

Girl bullied at school, pulled out because of it, they find her on facebook, she finally commits suicide <—- true story I overheard.

Woman buys book, finds random note inside, left by a guy, they get married.

Write a novel about Shadrach, Meshach and Abendago.

Wolf Guy – late thirties, black hair/ponytail, green eyes, knows sign language, wears wolf shirt (wolf has matching green eyes) <—– Book character

A team is only as strong as its weakest link.

Sequel to Robin Hood – one of his sons.

Write a story based on the Titanic soundtrack.

There should be codes in the VIM trilogy.

In Sparta, if a man wasn’t married by the time he was 30, the state made him marry.

Little man in brain, forbidden from reading forgotten memories, stares wistfully at the door to the memories, when he’s about to die, he reads the forgot. memories and that’s why your life goes before your eyes when you’re about to die.

Samuel came downstairs, his face heavy with both grief and anger.  He had just helped his mom upstairs.  Now he came up to me, wrath in his eyes.  “She’s cried more than she has since Matt died,” he said harshly, flinging out the words, wanting to hurt me.  I deserved it.  “Why did you do such a thing?” he asks.  He leaves before I can respond.

Do you want to start a fire?

“Next stop – Marshland Court” <—– Story idea.  Passengers on bus end up in time vortex and go to medival times where they must work together to thwart an evil king.  Girl and mom reconcile, all that jazz 🙂

“In most graduations, lives aren’t at stake.” – what if almost everyone you graduated with was killed?

“You only know you love her when you let her go.”

Um.  Yeahhhhh.  I’m weird.

How about you?  What’s in your notebook?



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an update on DOOM and other things

No.  I’ve not died.  I’ve just been very absent lately, for a number of reasons.  I got sick, I was at my grandparents house for a week (and not really able to write at all), and, frankly, I’ve been slacking off about writing.  That might sound ridiculous, especially since we’re now into March and DOOM has been going on for eight days.  I’ve been home for a couple of those days, and I have been writing.  For three reasons – I want to win DOOM, I want to get book two of Vengeance Is Mine into the hands of my beta-readers, and I’m a writer.  But I’m only a writer if I write, so….yeah.  I have to write.  I have 53.5K words in Locust Eaten Years and it’s coming along quite well, even though my writing’s terrible at the moment.

Lily and her mom have reunited, so my inner squee is going off.  Buuuut at pretty much the exact same time, it’s gotten depressing because the capture of the Existents is going to start any time which means A Certain Character Who Is One Of My Favorites will die soon.  So that’s sad.  I’m actually kind of pleased that I’ve kept the death count down (some authors I know of/am friends with kill huge amounts of characters).  All in all, I think only five characters, or so, will die through the three books (I don’t think I could handle more) and only one of them is really major.  Moving on before I give away spoilers…

I don’t usually work on more than one project than once, but for DOOM I am.  Locust Eaten Years, Betrayal, and a new project called (for now) Marshfield Court.  That one calls for a little explanation.  I was riding home on public transit with my grandmother and one of the stops that was called out was ‘Marshfield Court’.  I thought that was an odd name for a street, and then my brain instantly gave me a story idea where all the bus passengers are thrown into a type of time vortex and go back to medieval times where they have to work together to defeat an evil king who lives in a palace called Marshfield Court.  Thrown in some mother/daughter reconciliation and a heartbreaking love triangle, and we’re all set.  I’m working off that premise, and I have the prologue written so far.  Along with several important scenes in Betrayal.

What have you been working on?