update on DOOM

26 Apr

I adore these characters. Every single one of them.

Okay.  So.  Here’s the update: I WON.

*fist pump*

Yep, I won.  I wrote about 2,000 words this morning (as usual…I mean, it’s not usual that I write 2K – it’s usual that I write every morning), wrote around 2.5K in the afternoon, because I had an awesome idea for a short story, and that’s how I reached 50,000 (I love all the zeroes after the ‘5’…).  It was lots of fun, although I felt completely exhausted afterwards.  I always find it interesting how you can be so tired after just sitting in a chair for a few hours.  Your fingers are (for the most part), the only things that are moving.  I guess it’s because, as my mom said when I mentioned it, you’re thinking constantly.  Hmmmm.


As well as reaching 50K in my DOOM document (in which I pasted everything I wrote during the past two months or so), I’ve also hit 15K (and over) in No Greater Love (the third book in my Vengeance Is Mine trilogy, in case you didn’t know).  It’s going SO WELL.  I think I’m finally connecting with my characters for the first time in forever, and it’s the most awesome feeling in the world.  I never understood how authors could fall in love with their own characters, but, um, now I do.  Because it’s happened to me, and, believe me, it’s making so much difference in my writing.  See, I’ve been writing my characters’ stories for over two books now, and looking back on books 1 and 2 makes me want to cringe.  I didn’t understand my charries well enough and it shows.  It affects everything about my writing.  But now.  For instance, I’ve introduced Aaron’s parents in this book (David and Callie, up above…I think Callie looks wayyy too young, but what can I do?) and they are amazing.  David is one of my new favorite characters (and don’t give me the line about authors not being allowed favorite characters – it’s ridiculous).

Dylan, however, is my favorite character out of all my favorite characters.  When I introduced him in book 1, I thought he’d only be in one or two scenes – as a bully to annoy the life out of Nathan.  But then escaped with Aaron to go to the Nonexistents.  And I thought that was the end of him.  But he kept popping up when Nathan travelled to the Nonexistents and I started developing an entire subplot for him with a girl called Esther.  Which turned into an even bigger role in book 2, until he became (quite accidentally), the focus character of book 3.  Now, why is he my favorite?  It’s kinda hard to explain at the moment (at where I am in NGL right now, Nathan’s pouting, Dylan’s whining, and Aaron’s sulking…it’s not fun), but it has to do with Certain Tragic Things that happen to him in book 2 (Tanya knows what I’m talking about), and Certain Tragic Things that will happen to him later in book 3 (well, some have already happened).  He’s a damaged, flawed boy, who’s uncertain about a lot of things.  So, basically, he’s human.  Realistic.  That’s probably why I love him so much.

Annnnnd…I don’t have much else to say.

So I’ll just say goodbye for now


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One response to “update on DOOM

  1. Alexa

    May 2, 2014 at 1:45 am

    Sounds like you got something great going! I love flawed characters! And I totally agree about authors having favorites. I know I do.

    Alexa Skrywer


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