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At the moment, I’m not sure what to do with my writing.

I wrapped up my Hunger Games/Rat Patrol crossover fanfiction just a few days ago, and I don’t know where to go from there.  Yesterday, I wrote about a thousand words in Vengeance Is Mine (at the moment, I’m going with the assumption that it’s just going to be one book), but something was missing.  I don’t know what it was, all I know is that the spark, the need I used to feel and have to write this particular story is missing, at least for right now.  It’s not because I’m bored of the story, not because I hate it.  Actually, I’ve never loved and believed in my characters more – Nathan, Lily, Dylan, just to name a few, are very near and dear to my heart – and that could be part of the reason.  I’m not doing justice to them, or the story.  It took every bit of effort to wring those thousand words out of me and while I know writing isn’t always easy (far from it!) that session seemed particularly hard.  Another problem I have is that instead of inspiring me, all the dystopian stories I’ve been reading lately are bleeding into my work, making it look like a cheap plagarism, and my mind isn’t clear enough to think of unique ideas.

To put it lightly, I’m frustrated with the whole thing.  I want to write VIM.  I want to create a stellar plot and bring all the characters I love (and even the ones I hate) to life.  I want to finish this project.  But right now, I’m not sure I can.  Which brings up the question – what should I do?  In a lot of ways, I feel like I should keep slogging through VIM and force myself to stick with the project until the new draft is completed.  But I don’t want to grow to hate the story, which is what I’m afraid might happen if I keep making myself work on it.  NaNo’s coming up, which means I’ll be able to take a break and work on Our Story, Our Year…but until then, I have no idea what I should do.  I definitely don’t want to give up writing, though.

What do you, my readers, think is the best course?  Keep working on VIM, write a plot bunny, or just plan for NaNo?



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looking ahead to nanowrimo

RAW NaNoWriMo 2014 Writing Competition

Just because NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is over two months away, doesn’t mean I can’t start planning for the event, does it?  In fact, if you’re a NaNo-er (especially a first-timer), I think it would be a great idea to start researching, thinking about what story you want to do, etc.  Although who am I to talk?  Last year was my first NaNo, I decided to participate a mere day before the whole thing started, and I still passed with flying colours.  So, I guess everyone should do what’s best for them (cliched as it may sound) and while I don’t know if this whole planning ahead thing will backfire or not, I like feeling prepared and in charge of things, so that’s what I’m doing this year.  I’m currently still working on a large body of fan-fiction, but it wasn’t hard to decide which plot bunny to pick up this year. (when I wrote the first book of the VIM trilogy last year, it was quickly followed by two more, so this project could potentially become bigger than I’m currently envisioning it)

Our Story, Our Year

I posted about this story idea for the June Crusade plot bunnies challenge, and even though that was just a few weeks back, the story has already evolved more. Things have changed (although other stuff has stayed the same) and I’m already really hyped about NaNo.  The main thing that led me toward this plot bunny for NaNo was that a friend of mine, Eowyn, is writing another YA drama/romance/literary novel and while Our Story, Our Year is not a rip-off of her book (the plots don’t resemble each other at all, as far as I know), her excitement about The Art Of Letting Go has re-fueled my interest in Our Story, Our Year.  She and I are planning on doing NaNo together.  Not working on the same project, of course, but challenging each other word wars and writing streaks (as well as giving plenty of encouragement via virtual chocolate and celebratory dances).

Right now, the story is still a jumbled pile of dialogue fragments, plot elements, and characters that could stay or leave at any moment.  I might be changing my heroine’s name, since Sadie doesn’t really fit who she is now (and who she becomes).  I honestly don’t know how many character this story will end up having, how all the plot details are going to work out, or even if the title will stay the same.  Some of my notes and prep-work will deal with those issues, but I want to leave some things vague in my mind, at least for now.  Half the fun of writing is not knowing exactly what’s going to come next.  And NaNo is all about plunging in with a few notes and winging it till the end (you could go the whole detailed notes way, but in my opinion, spontaneity is best when it comes to NaNo).  Take a look at some of the bits and pieces I have swirling around in my mind pretty much non-stop now…

  • what does it feel like to be blind?
  • Sadie’s new name…check out baby name websites.
  • they need to dance in the rain.
  • Archer and Ed are awesome brothers.
  • does Sadie need a sister?
  • what about another girl in the plot – sort of a love triangle thing?
  • if there’s a love triangle in here, I don’t want it to be dumb.
  • lots of letters exchanged before Archer goes blind – reason for that?

I honestly can’t wait to dive back into a story that I’ve only scratched the surface of so far and I’m excited to share in the journey of both Our Story, Our Year and NaNo itself with you, my lovely readers.  Join me?



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why i love writing

~the feel of writing longhand, pencil gliding over paper.

~listening to awesome music as I write.

~fancy writing stuff – pens and notebooks galore.

~the thrill of creating something entirely different and new.

~endless possibilities.

~that little escape from reality.

~feeling incredibly proud and happy when I finish a project.

~researching all sorts of cool stuff.

~writing buddies are the best.

Why do you love writing?



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