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yet another update


It seems like all my blog posts on here seem to be updates about my writing and nothing actually to show for all the writing I’m supposedly doing.  Or, in this case, not doing.  I’ve really been meaning to continue editing Project Remembrance – honest! – but there have been a bunch of different distractions over the past few days and, well, I haven’t really gotten anything accomplished.  First, I was scrambling to finish up a wee bit of Combat! Christmas fan-fiction, and then my grandpa took the whole family out to brunch a couple days ago which meant that my schedule was interrupted (I write in the morning, or not at all…probably something I should work on), and I’ve also been re-reading a bunch of Jack Cavanaugh books.  Which are so good that I spend more time reading than writing.

Excuses, excuses…

But my New Year’s resolution for 2015 is write more.  Finish Project Remembrance – final draft, if I can.  And I’ll chronicle it all on this blog.


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random stuff (mainly about ‘project remembrance’)

Hallo, fellow writers!

How are the holidays coming along for you?  Have you slacked off on your writing to spend time with friends and family? (if so, I applaud you – time spent with family/friends is never wasted, in my opinion)  Have you incorporated a few sneaky pieces of Christmas-y goodness into your writing? (or written an entire piece of Christmas fan-fiction, like me?)  Even if you haven’t stopped writing yet, I want you to pause for a second, sit back, and let all that holiday atmosphere soak right through you. (in case you’re interested, I wrote an entire post about that atmosphere over on my main blog)  You’ll feel twice the energy and invigoration once you do so.  I promise.

So, about that random stuff I promised you…

Project Remembrance is going well, for the most part, but I basically wrote 35,000 words of junk during NaNo, so I’ve decided that before I write anything more, I’m going to back away and edit what I’ve got so far.  It mainly involves plot stuff and deleting scenes – whenever I got bored, I’d write a new scene from another character’s POV, and it got spoilery really quickly, so I’m dumping all those scenes in another file for later reference/use.  At the moment, I’m planning to write PR from three different POVs (alá Lynn Austin) and once I actually figure out their characters, I’ll do a post about them.  All I know about them right now is that it’s two girls and a guy and that could change too.  But I don’t really mind all that much, for two reasons.

What editing is all about… the ugly llama face... Emeperor's New Grove is my favorite humorous Disney movie... :)

Firstly, I’ve had a little practice with editing lately.  You know all those times I moaned about how much I hated editing?  Well, the funny thing is that I hadn’t actually, really, truly (ugh, someone should edit out all those adverbs) edited anything.  Oh, I had tweaked a word here and changed a sentence there, but I hadn’t done anything like re-write whole chunks and change plot points and improve characterization.  I think it was partly ‘fear of the unknown’ that had me kicking and screaming about the whole editing/revising process.  Enter Combat! fan-fiction.  And this awesome beta-reader.  See, I’d written a piece of C! fic about my favorite character and I knew it wasn’t perfect (by any stretch of the imagination) but I didn’t really know how to go about editing it.  So I sent it off to Hamlette (or ‘White Queen’, as she’s known by fellow Combat! fans) and she gave me a really great critique.  Of course, my writer’s ego took a little bruising here and there (as I’m sure every writer’s ego has during a thorough beta) but I rebounded and my story is all the better for it.  AND it should me that editing was not A Beast To Be Feared, but an essential and not-so-scary part of writing.

The Book Thief (Markus Zusak)                    Oh, my, this book broke my heart!  I loved it; I hated it!

The second reason is that I honestly think Project Remembrance could be The. Book.  The one that *gasp* actually gets published.  At first, I thought it would be the Vengeance Is Mine trilogy, but that’s going to need the biggest overhaul in the history of ever, so I really don’t think I’ll be getting to it any time soon.  Betrayal could also potentially be The One, but for now, I’m focusing on PR.  I have a really good feeling about where it could take me.



nanowrimo winner – two years in a row! (and counting)

Sooooo….I won!  Yay!  This isn’t going to really be much of a post, just a short re-cap, but I figured I’d put it up anyway.  Between bribes and just plain writing like mad on the 30th, I won NaNoWriMo.  That’s basically all it is.  Writing.  A lot.  Last year was a breeze compared to this year’s NaNo, but I still had a lot of fun this year.  Project Remembrance is going to be a lot more complicated than I’d first thought, but that’s okay.  I like complicated stories.  There’s going to be a lot of editing when I’m done (and I’m not really close to that right now), but I’ve been editing fan-fiction these past couple of days and I’ve discovered that editing and revising isn’t as bad as I thought.  Tedious, yes, and the critiques are hard to take at times, but it’s doable.  And it’s going to be something I’m going to HAVE to do, if I ever want to get published.

Anyway, my word count clocked in at the grand total of 50,370. (actually 50,012 – the NaNo word count thingies tend to add words)  Now I’m working on adding to that and finishing up PR.  It’ll take awhile, but I know I’m going to finish it.  And then edit it.  Something’s telling me that this story could be The One, which is reeeeeally exciting to think about.  And scary.  But mostly exciting.  I’ll probably churn out some fan-fiction as well, but main focus is going to be on PR. (as it should be)


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short version

I won NaNoWriMo.  Details to follow soon.


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