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For some reason, I’ve been thinking a lot about Betrayal today.  Remember that story idea I posted about a loooong time ago?  Well, it’s been on my mind lately, and I’m wondering if I should go back to writing it, after I’m done Project Remembrance (and I don’t just mean the first draft – I mean every draft until it’s as polished as I can possibly make it), because it’s the story + characters that tug the most on my heart, even after all this time.  The whole thing is so very personal and special and real to me, maybe because my inspiration came from a long, complicated, intensely emotional dream. (Honestly, I was crying when I woke up.)  Themes of loyalty and betrayal have always resonated with me, whether in books or movies or TV shows, and that’s mainly what Betrayal is about, so like I said, it’s special.

And that’s about it.  I don’t even really know why I wrote this rather pointless post – I guess I just wanted to talk about some things to my self, and since I don’t have a diary, this is the next best thing.  Anyway, my next post (if I stop procrastinating and just GET IT DONE) should be about PR and it’s different characters, settings, etc.



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