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plot bunny #1: celtic fire

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This project has been on my mind for a long time, so naturally, it was the first to be chosen for the June Crusade Plot Bunny Challenge.  It’s the only story in my files (so far) to have been directly inspired by a song.  I was listening to ‘Touch The Sky’ one day, from Brave, and I was wondering what it would be like to write a story set in Scotland, about a princess, only she wasn’t rebellious and independent and all those cliched things I hate about ‘strong female heroines’ these days.  So I got out one of my many, many notebooks and began scribbling notes down.  At first, the story was going to be really crazy with time travel and WWII and split personalities, but I eventually trashed all those ideas and started out fresh.  What if the princess who was so free to come and go as often as she wanted had a sister – a twin – who wasn’t able to?  Why wouldn’t she be able to?  The answer came to me straight out of the blue…maybe said princess is mute or deaf or blind, and everyone thinks she’s cursed, so they want nothing to do with her.  And her sister feels the same way.  Then, I listened to ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman?’, from Frozen, and thought ‘What if the two girls were close as children, but then as they grew older, the non-mute one found that being associated with her sister wasn’t anything to be proud of, so she pulled away’.  And what if the pulling away – or her former contact with her sister – cost her the love of her parents, or a special someone she’s in love with?  I’m pretty bad at thinking up of good plots, so I’m not exactly sure where this is going to go, but I’ll share with you the first {very short} scene I’ve written.

The little girl nestled closer to her mother.
It had been a tiring day for both of them, and now that there was a moment to relax before meeting with the next set of guests, they were determined to make the most of it. Hidden away in a velvet-lined alcove, the two sat side by side on a soft bench. The mother’s arms were around the little girl, and as she hummed, she rocked the small body back and forth.
“Yes, dear?”
“Why do all these people have to come to the palace anyway?”
The queen sighed and brushed a few strands of hair away from her daughter’s forehead. “Your father is the king, Cathwra. Because he is king, we can have all the nice food that Cook makes and you can have your own little room. If he wasn’t the king, we wouldn’t have to entertain all these guests, but we wouldn’t have all the nice things either.”
The little girl’s legs swung back and forth. She was so tiny, that even on the low bench, her legs refused to touch the soft carpet. She uttered a small sigh of her own, near identical to her mother’s, and stuck out her tongue at a passing diplomat. Thankfully, he didn’t see her, and neither did her mother.
“Why can’t Eithne be with us?”
“Questions, questions,” her mother said in a softly chiding manner. “Eithne isn’t here because, well, you are here. There’s no need to tire her out, especially in her condition, and the two of you look so much alike that I’m sure the guests won’t notice.”
The queen stood up, quite suddenly, and gently pulled Cathwra off the bench. She smoothed her daughter’s dress, one that had become slightly rumpled, and then removed a small diamond pin from her hair and fastened it to the front of the child’s silk gown. “Do you like it?” she asked. In answer, Cathwra hugged her tightly and disappeared off into the banquet hall.
With a frown, the queen watched her go. The pin had been a mere distraction, but it had worked – the six year old girl had been easily diverted, and for that she was grateful. Talk of Eithne was uncomfortable, in many ways, and she had no wish to continue the discussion. She put a hand to her tightly pinned hair piece, and walked in the direction her daughter had taken.
It was time to rejoin the guests. ~Celtic Fire: Prologue

Of course, it’s only part of the prologue, but I’m happy with the start I made.

I’m still kind of lost, though.




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will you join in our crusade?

Anne-girl, over at Scribblings Of My Pen & Tappings Of My Keyboard is hosting her third annual June Crusade.  I didn’t participate in last year, or the one before that, because I wasn’t all that into writing, but this I’m definitely going to be.  She always has a unique challenge for each of her crusades, and this year it will be plot bunnies (hence, the blog button above).  Yes, indeedy, those pesky little things that worm their way into our current works-in-progress, our hearts, and our minds.  But this June, instead of trying to push them away, I’ll be fully embracing them.  I’m not going to go over the rules, or any such things, since it’s all very neatly laid out in her blog post.  I’ve calculated that I’ll have to do a plot bunny every four days or so, and that won’t be a problem for me.  I’ll be posting about my progress as I go along, and I highly encourage all of you to join in this challenge.  It’ll be tons of fun.
P.S. The reason I haven’t been posting lately is because I’m nearing the end of No Greater Love and I don’t. want. to. talk. about. it.  Please bear with me, and I’ll try to get you an update soonish.

my other projects

I’ve pretty much talked exclusively about the Vengeance Is Mine trilogy on this blog, ever since I started it, and I thought it would be good to let all of you know a little bit about my other writing projects.  I have thousands of ideas, of course, but only three of them (other than VIM) have really captured my interest and become full-blown projects.  All of these are on hold right now, since I’m not the kind of writer who can channel their energy into more than one writing project at a time.  However, each one of them is dear to my heart, so I felt they deserved a post of their own.

{Legends Of Anthorn Trilogy}


a medieval trilogy set in a fictitious country. two women – one a princess, the other a noblewoman and their fight for love and life itself.

The first book in this trilogy (which I still haven’t found a name for) was the first novel I ever wrote and as such, it will always have special place in my memory.  Reading it now, I fully understand the meaning of what I’ve read in so many books on writing – “Your first novel will be terrible, at least to some extent, because it’s the novel you learn to write with”.  It will need major editing if I ever go back to it (which, at this point in time doesn’t look likely) and I haven’t even started the next book, but I still want to return to the series some day.  I do love the characters, and I believe the story holds some merit.  I pull out the first book’s Word document ever so often and read bits of it.  When I do return to it, I’m definitely editing book 1 before I go on, or else there will be major continuity issues.  And that’s never good.
{Celtic Fire}

a fiery irish princess, twins, death, destruction, betrayal, /two/ heroes, and a secret that can solve – or destroy – everything.

I haven’t started writing this book (mostly because of VIM) but the idea has completely captured me.  It was originally going to have time travel and dystopia in it, but now I think I’m going to make it be ancient Celtic all the way throughout.  It’ll mean a lot of research but since Scotland and Ireland are two of my biggest passions (and, by the way, I looked it up and the whole Celtic thing belongs to both countries, in a way) that probably won’t come under the category of work at all.  Right now I don’t really have a plot, or even characters, just a lot of elements thrown together that I’m hoping will bring a plot to mind when I get serious about this.  I do know that it’s going to have twin girls in it, and their names are Eithne and Cawthra.  That’s all I know.  I’ll probably do a Q&A with myself at some point to figure out everything I need to know.
{Our Story, Our Year}


we’ve all fallen in love with literary characters. but what if the character fell in love with you?

This is a collaboration project (with Sierra Bailey) and though many things inspired it, the two biggest were a) a post that was going around tumblr/Pinterest saying ‘someone should write a post where the main character falls in love with the reader’ and b) our love of collaborating together on projects.  We’re writing it in diary format, second person, with an entry for each day of the year, but we’ve kept many details vague so that the reader really feels as though they’re ‘living’ in the book.  OSOY is written for a girl’s perspective, but we’re also considering doing one for boys as well.  I smile every time I think of this project.  We’ve not been writing anything lately, because we’re both working on big projects right now, but it always stays in the back of my mind.  Hopefully, we can get to it sooner rather than later.